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Absorbent Technology

SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL manufactures a specialty category of absorbent products under the brand name Elephant Sponge. All the products share the same features and benefits and provide special solutions for the end user. The absorbent material is produced in house and can be readily adapted to special needs. We also maintain certain ‘stock’ products with standard sizes.

You will not find a product on the market that maintains the strength, effectiveness, efficiency, or multiple use capability of our Elephant Sponge products. Review the product videos and key features/benefits and you will find a solution for your needs.

If you have a petroleum (oil/gas/solvents/etc.) based spill, there is a product that we can produce to fulfill your needs.

Key benefits of this product technology include:
High Absorption
     Each square foot of material recovers approximately 16 gallons of spilled fluids

          Acquisition cost - less procurement and replacement costs
          Storage cost - smaller amount of space requirements
          Usage cost - absorbs heavy and volatile materials, reducing need for multiple           products

Water repellant
     Exclusively recovers oil/gas and allows for recycling of materials if desired
     Efficient clean-up efforts in adverse weather conditions and open environment spills

     Does not harm people, environment, or animals


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Key Features and Benefits

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