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Absorbent Manufacturing

SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL executives realized the special features of the exclusive absorbent material has a wide range of applications and has invested resources to increase manufacturing capabilities. Past production methods used precut polyurethane material to treat and impregnate with our patented formula. This impregnation/integration allows the absorbent to reject water and attract hydrocarbon based fluids including gasoline and crude oils. New production facilities in the Cincinnati Ohio area now manufactures the polyurethane foam material and molds needed to produce specialty and custom products. Expansion is also planned for Atlanta, Georgia and Houston Texas facilities to serve regional customers and partners efficiently.

Specialty products include Pads, Booms, Socks, Rolls, Sweeps, and Industrial spill products that use the technology features to produce efficient, cost saving solutions for our partners. Production cost and savings have been passed to customers and distribution partners providing increased revenues and reduced expenses.

Custom products

SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL executives recently participated in the International Oil Spill Conference in Miami Florida and conference attendees expressed Nine new opportunities for use of our Absorbent Technology. Our ability to produce the foam structure in various sizes, shapes, and density provides for endless applications of the major patented features of the Technology. We believe that customers with special needs focus on the features and benefits (provide this as a link back to absorbent page for features and benefits) of the Absorbent Technology and provide new use needs. The technology works. The question is how do you want it to work for you.


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