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Corporate Information

Future Outlook
Market opportunities for Saf-Ron are phenomenal and growth prospects are high. Although we operate in some established markets, our products fulfill the needs of customers and provide unique solutions. New markets have been established that require products and services we provide and we are positioned to take advantage of those opportunities. Currently, Saf-Ron is expanding into international markets that include North America , Wider Caribbean, Asia , South East Asia , the Gulf Region, and Central/South America. Future expansion includes West/South Africa , Europe , and the Mediterranean Region.

Saf-Ron's future will be sustained through a consistent approach of serving our primary markets with innovative and useful solutions to the world community needs. To this end we currently have several new products positioned for market entry within the next year.

SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL was created to market and manufacture non-hazardous industrial chemical preparations and environmental products. The company specialized in industrial and commercial cleaning/degreasing products. The original Elephant Sponge was created and used in major and minor oil spills in the US .

The company went through a management change in 1997. Current management has been in place since that time. The company was completely retooled and refocused over the next few years and Saf-Ron's current market opportunities and growth are a direct result of careful planning, R&D, and market analysis. Saf-Ron executives have dedicated resources to serve the environmental market into the foreseeable future.

It is our goal to become THE Dispersant and Reusable Absorbent Leader in the global community. To accomplish this goal we are committed to:

•  Providing the best new products to market

•  Seamlessly conducting business worldwide

•  Minimizing expenses and maximizing profits

•  Assuring product availability and quality


It is our passion to create solutions for the world community, our partners, and our customers. We are dedicated to providing great products, on time, in the appropriate quantity, for a suitable price. Our business model integrates technology, production, operations and market distribution strategies to provide key industry flexibility. We will not be out performed by our competitors.

Facilities in New Jersey and Phoenix provide manufacturing capabilities that include small package preparation as well as bulk containerization. New production facilities in the Cincinnati Ohio area now manufacture the foam material and molds needed to produce patented and custom absorbent products . Expansion is also planned for Atlanta , Georgia and Houston Texas facilities to serve regional customers and partners efficiently. We maintain the flexibility to expand facilities and sales offices as the needs arise to serve our customers and partners.


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