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SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL manufactures one of the world’s most effective dispersants. Recently we were placed on the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Contingency Plan list for Oil Spill Dispersants (EPA Letter). Our dispersant is one of only several products to meet the test requirements for inclusion on this list. More importantly, our product, Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant, proved to be the most effective product in dispersing heavier crude oil at approximately 85%, compared to competing product’s average of only approximately 45%. The product is water-based and carries a low toxicity rating.

We provide solutions for spills that threaten our environmental, livelihood, and economic resources. Choose the correct dispersant to protect your resources. We have the capabilities to produce and supply thousands of gallons of dispersant in a very short period. We will not be out performed by our competitors. SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL is your only source for dispersant needs.

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