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Key Features/Benefits

High Absorption
Absorbs 25 to 42 times its own weight in spilled material

Key Benefits:
     Each square foot of material recovers approximately 16 gallons of spilled fluids

Product material is reusable to approximately 20 times while exclusively absorbing hydrocarbon products

Key Benefits: Reduces
     Acquisition cost - less procurement and replacement costs
      Storage cost - smaller amount of space requirements
      Usage cost - absorbs heavy and volatile materials, reducing need for multiple products

Water repellant
Absorbent material will reject water under any circumstance or condition

Key Benefits:
      Exclusively recovers oil/gas and allows for recycling of materials if desired
      Efficient clean-up efforts in adverse weather conditions and open environment spills

Anti-Static, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Disposable

Key Benefits:
      Does not harm people, environment, or animals

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