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 Open Ocean
      Use to mitigate the effects of an open       environment spill

 Beach Areas
    Tidal Booms
      Use to contain and absorb spills near beach       areas
    Beach Cleaner
      Use to spray contaminated shorelines

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Oil Spill Solutions

SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL provides solutions for all your oil spill needs. Our technology is proven efficient, effective and cost conscious. In open environment and facility spills Saf-Ron products are superior in preparing, responding and remediating spilled hydrocarbon fluids.

Open Environment Spills
    Our Absorbent Technology is useful in harbors, estuary and marsh areas, coastlines and     beach fronts, open seas, and inland waterways. Some specific solutions are listed below.

 Particularly Useful In
    Marine Environments; Adverse weather conditions; Remote/hard to reach areas

 Pipeline Areas
    Elephant Sponge Pads
    Elephant Sponge Tidal Booms 

    Marina Mop (Oil/Gas)
      Will clean oil/gas leaks and sheen in marina areas

    Boat Degreaser (Oil/Gas)
      Use to clean inside and outside of boat areas

    Boat Mop (Oil/Gas)
      Use to clean inside and outside of boat areas








    Vehicle spill Pad
      Use to respond to vehicle accidents or spills


Facilities Spills
General Facility Spills
    The Elephant Sponge technology can respond to facility spill in multiple areas.

   Oil Mop:
      Use to respond to small to medium size spills. Mop spills and store mop for next spill.

      Use the features to store less response equipment.

      Saf-Ron manufactures an entire line of non-hazardous cleaners and degreasers.

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