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We are committed to serving the dispersant market in the United States and around the world. With the US Coast Guard rulings for all vessels operating in US waters to have the capability to use dispersants on potential spills, there is an immediate need for Planholders and OSROs to actively plan for effective implementation of those rules. SAF-RON INTERNATIONAL is completely committed to our OSRO partner’s needs and maintains factories in key areas around the U.S. to supply the nation’s most effective product in the shortest time possible.

What we offer as solutions to this market:

Saf-Ron executives will work to help plan and identify all the needs to satisfy any dispersant use requirement. To date, Dispersant Planning must Identify:

• The location of dispersant stockpiles to be used
• The methods for transporting dispersant stockpiles to staging sites
• the appropriate aircraft or vessels to apply and monitor the dispersant use
• A dispersant monitoring protocol

Dispersants Pre-authorization Summary
Reference the map and links below for detailed Dispersant Pre-authorization


Want to see dispersant rules for your specific area. Click on the link below

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