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Prepare/ Respond

Why use our products to prepare/respond to spills?

 Absorbent Tech
    The preparation is easy and responding is simple. The physical features of the products     to be used and manipulated to adapt to the change needs of an emergency. Stocking     The Elephant Sponge is simple. The features of the products should permit the reduction     in acquisition, storage, and use constraints for the end-user.


    Preparing for an emergency is the sole purpose of having a dispersants stock piled     around the world. Saf-ron International will help your company or government plan and     prepare for staging proper resources in the most appropriate places.

    We will not be out performed by any of our competitors and welcome the opportunity to     compete for your business.

     Emergency response supply capability
     We maintain production capability and expansion that will meet all your needs. Saf-Ron      products will have representation in five world regions including nine different countries.      Supply of products and service is paramount and we will meet your response needs.

     Soil Remediation Sheet

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