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We manufacture effective safe products for the Environmental, Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer markets. Our entire product series are based on the principal to be non-hazardous to people, animals, and the environment.

Elephant Sponge Absorbent Product Line
(ES represents the Elephant Sponge Series)

3000 Series Elephant Sponge
ES 3000 Oil/Gas Pad
ES 3010 Oil/Gas Vehicle Pad
ES 3200 Oil/Gas Sock
ES 3300 Oil/Gas Boom
ES 3310 Oil/Gas Tidal Boom
ES 3400 Oil/Gas Roll
ES 3500 Oil/Gas Sweep
ES 3600 Oil/Gas Mop
ES 3610 Oil/Gas Marina Mop
ES 3620 Oil/Gas Industrial Mop
ES 3630 Oil/Gas Consumer Mop

Saf-Ron Gold Product Line
(SG represents the Saf-Ron Gold series)

4000 Series Environmental
SG 4000 Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant (EPA List)
SG 4100 Soil Remediation Chemical
SG 4200 Shoreline Cleaner
SG 4300 Equipment Cleaner/Degreaser
SG 4310 Boat Degreaser/Wash

Saf-Ron Silver Product Line
(SL represents the Saf-Ron Silver series)

5000 Series Cleaners/Degreasers
SL 5000 Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser
SL 5100 Commercial Multi-purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
SL 5200 Consumer Multi-purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
SL 5300 Hospital Cleaner/Degreaser
SL 5400 Aircraft Cleaner/Wash


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