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The Elephant Sponge

The Elephant Sponge brand is produced in several product forms and solves multiple customer needs in multiple situations. Products include but are not limited to pads, socks, booms, sweeps, rolls, mops, and custom product solutions.

Specialty Booms/Socks
Special feature: Elephant Sponge booms or socks will contain and absorb spill fluid concurrently. After the majority of the spill has been removed, the boom can be utilized to skim the oil sheen and residue out of the environment. This allows for a more complete clean up operation. The boom can be rung out and reused.

Key benefits:

  • capture and contain oil simultaneously
  • less waste material for disposal
  • will not drip oil into other environments
  • captures remaining oil sheen after cleanup operations
  • can be reused and retreated

Specialty Mops
We have created a special resource for industrial, marine, and consumer small spill needs. The Oil Mop provides effective, efficient, reusable spill cleanup in a familiar form. From home garage, shop floor, facility spills to open marina spills, mop fluids as if you were cleaning your kitchen floor.

Key benefits:

  • No mess – compare to dust, litter, particulates
  • Simple/easy to use
  • Replace the pad and reduce need for multiple product purchases
  • Non-hazardous

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