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Why We're Better

SAF-RON International executives have committed to servicing the international dispersant market and have dedicated production, financial, and employee resources to accommodate the market needs. Management's goal is to become THE dispersant supply company around the world.

We offer one of the best products available. In standard testing criteria, our product
Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant proved to be the most effective dispersant on an oil type that represents most of the oil produced and shipped around the world. Test results revealed that Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant was approximately 40% more effective than the industry average for all dispersants. In addition, Saf-Ron Gold Dispersant was more than 20% more effective than its closest competitor.

There are fundamental differences in the philosophy of dispersant product formulation. In the recent International Oil Spill Conference, industry experts representing a world leading oil/gas company, distributed documentation stating that water based dispersants are the least effective and are generally not preferred. However, in an apples to apples (low agitation) test of the product they represent and our Saf-Ron Gold, our product out performed their solvent based product by 46.9% on heavier crude.

We represent no propaganda, just the facts based on test results. We will also make every effort to consummate a deal and will not be out performed by any of our competitors.

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